BRITNEY: princess or ex princess?

People who knows me for a long time ago know about my love for Britney Spears… anyway, the other day I was having a conversation with a friend (Alex), and then with my brother…

Specially ‘cas we’ve heard somebody calling Lady Gaga, the “New POP Princess”, worthy successor of Queen Madonna… I just can say I’m a pop culture lover, and I love people like Madonna & Lady Gaga that just exalt it (LoL). And I would also say Lady Gaga could easily be a virtual Madonna successor (& Marilyn Manson sometimes) but that doesn’t mean Lady Gaga had won Britney in anything… I think Britney had turn something better than New Madonna’s candidate… she had become a Name by herself (like Madonna)… she always was, but it was hard to see before (Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson, even Christina Aguilera, & probably more blondies trying to get a hit dancing like Brit)… But my favorite one is Miley Cyrus…

Anyway… I just can say she could be the new pop princess, and I support her like a new Britney succesor…

Apart of that we could have many princesses… & just 1 queen…



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