Paranormal Activity

Last monday I went to watch Paranoral Activity with my mom… It’s kinda funny ‘cas she’s a big fan of all scary or mistery movies. She laughed with “The Exorcist”, so you guys can imagine what kind of company she is (LoL).

Anyway, she didn’t laughed this time. I could say it’s a decent movie, and get ur scare in some parts. Reminds you to “Blair’s Witch Project”, but good, I mean scary…

I must admit that when I left the theater I thouhgt It was a real story. I don’t mean the movie was made with real material, just that they’ve got inspiration from other material that could be real. Specially at the end when they say “they found Micah’s body after some days & they still looking for Katie”. Then I found out there were many versions…

my version:

Looking on the internet I found a version, where you couldn’t see Micah’s body. Only Katie appears with a knife and her top stained with blood, she sit next to the bed and stays in a kind of catatonic state until her friend comes, discovers Micah’s body downstairs & call the cops. Then they shoot her… Anyway, don’t hate me for telling u this if u were planning to go to watch it, just take it like additional information ‘cas on spanish theaters are playing another version.

I recommend you guys to go & watch it by urselves…

Just one more thing!!!! don’t u think Micah looks like Ben (Britney’s lover in “Crossroads”)??? 


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