Sonia Rykiel @ H&M

First of all, Thanx to all the people that supported me votting my pic at the link I gave u some days ago!!! I know I didn’t win, and it was really hard but thank you anyway ‘cas you guys helped me to don’t give up on hope…

Anyway, let’s quit talking about my defeat (LoL), and start again with something really good, and I say really good ‘cas it is!!! One more time H&M does a big collaboration with a genious (I mean Sonia)… I went to see it this afternoon, and they really made a good job, I really recommend u to check a little over there. Just let me warn u they don’t have all pieces on every store…

Anyway my new acquisition it’s pretty similar to one I saw @ Sonia’s F/W 09 catwalk:

Of course I mean that wonderful headdress!!!!!!! yes I fell in love!!!  

 I just can say u can feel Sonia’s spirit on every piece, body, velvet, bow…   

Anyway, I can’t wait to wear it!!! probably next weekend***


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