bye bye 2009

LAst year I received the New year with Tom and some friends, out of Barcelona… ‘cas personally I think Barcelona is the worst place to spend new year’s eve if you don’t have a good plan… (drunk people everywhere LoL)

Anyway, even I don’t have plans for 2night, I have plans for the rest of the year, and one of them is spend some more time with people I care, and that means make transatlantic trips… ‘cas I missed you so much this 2009

I also have the best wishes for this 2010 to all my new & old friends, and family that is always there. Everything will be ok this year, I’m sure, I’m positive***

2009 TOP Memories***

We spent last new year’s eve in Andorra together, and I dont know why… but I think thanks to that we’ve spent plenty of nights on 2009 calendar. I just hope to be as close as now during 2010. Happy New year in Tirvia!!!

Now this year will be also unforgettable for me ‘cas working in a “not much future job” made me meet people that will always be in my heart. Like Alex “Modne”. Grumbling all day long we started a great friendship that I hope never lose. ‘cas when you wanna be funny, you are… and I wish u only success ‘cas YOU WORTH IT!!!!

She probably won’t read this, but this 2010 will be her year too… ‘cas she’ll be a sweet MUMMY, and I don’t want to miss any detail… of course I will never forget ur sexual life classes, or  ur lady ga ga blond look ( with my ray ban on). I just wish u the best for the family u’r building… I hope to be around this 2010

This year (as every year) u were as dummy & conny as usual… and I love it, u know I do. I just hope this year we can find a way to be together, ‘cas it’s being a long time, and u know I’m right (like always LoL). I love U

I know u hate when I post pics of u, but u look great in this!!!! I couldn’t help it… We had many moments together this year, but not enough… that’s why I promise u more coffees & pim pams this 2010. ‘cas u’r pretty much the only one friend that knows me since when I was fat (LoL), u know my “past” and I know urs, that’s why I appreciate very much our long friendship, and I hope everything goes perfect for u this new year. I luv ya 2***

I know we couldn’t spend many good times together this year but I wish to spend as unforgettable moments as this. I had so much fun that day with u. Laugh & cigarrettes describe our conversations… i love you  and u know it

You all know how much I love to travel, this 2009 I couldn’t do much, I cancelled one trip  to Rotterdam for work… but I can’t complain at all… I had a great view of “Pirineos” thanx to my friend Antoine. He travels a lot, and brings me a postal card from all his trips. I have my best wishes for u2*** only success (love & bussiness)***

I know I’m forgetting half of the world in this post, but that doesn’t mean I love u less… that means I don’t have a very good pic of u or just that this is being the longest post in Macchiato’s history (LoL), and i have to go to the grosery (last year purchases: GRAPES!!!)

Don’t stop dreaming this year…


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