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New York by Manel Doblas

January 23, 2010

this is the second part of the exposition I was talking about last days… New York***


Contemporary Realisms. Manel Doblas

January 20, 2010

Port of Barcelona

It’s amazing how landscapes had changed in history. Painting was a testimony of this during centuries (‘cas we didn’t have video camaras or digital camaras then). And even we have a way to show our grandkids how life it is now, I’m glad art give us an opportunity to see it from other perspective. I know we don’t live in a paradise, but from art perspective we can appretiate landscapes we had created. You can see how the artist plays with lights and create a very realistic painting. And shows us our “everyday”.


I’m sure you can recognize many of these… This is just a part of the exposition is on Gallery Sala Rusiñol (Sant Cuagt), since I know most of you can’t come here, I’m sharing them with you. enjoy it***

HaPPy BDaY Carrie CoStA Bradshaw

January 19, 2010

You are such a lovely human being and that’s why I’m so happy when good things happen to you… and I have only the best wishes for you in life. I just hope to be around as much as possible… please never forget me!!!

Happy Birthday to you my lOvE***

LV show window***

January 19, 2010

Just making a favour for Neni’s class. But this show window is very nice… so I’m uploading these pics so u can c them too… enjoy it ‘cas it’s hard to see a show window as pretty a this. cya***

Macchiato’s new face

January 17, 2010

Lazy sunday again so I took my time to give a personal touch to the blog. Well this is not very original anyway, but I’m just learning.

I took this pictures last year when I used to have bangs.

From this look I love boots. They were brand new then. I bought them at the children’s section of Pepe Jeans, great to be short (LoL)


four blondes by candace bushnell

January 13, 2010

Hello everybody, I know it’s been a while without any new post. But I wasn’t doing anything worthy to mention (LoL). Just watching tv, sleeping a lot, reading a book and writting old stories… Anyway today I want to talk about the book I finished on my way home from work this evening…”Four Blondes”. 

This book isn’t bad. But I thought It was going to be better. I actually thought It was gonnna be like Sex in the City, that was really good. But I can’t say this book was bad. It’s about four different lives. Four short stories that make you think probably life in New York isn’t that great. First ‘cas their protagonists seem to have a constant depression (they are never happy like most of us in the real world)… until they finally(better say suddenly) get a “happy ending”.

This is just another example of how in love with NYC is people from NYC. Everything can happen in New York right? get a millionaire contract to model for Victoria’s Secret (when you are over 30) , get a charge of editor for an important internet magazine project, get a simple happiness feeling with your own life or just get married… the common factor was the unhappiness of these women, that seem to have everythig in life. Just like you and me… (just that I can’t afford Blahnick’s).

I can’t say I have a favourite blond. Just read it if you have A LOT OF TIME.

Mr. Maybe by Jane Green

January 6, 2010

King’s day isn’t only a day to say bye bye to holidays, well it is… but you can also use it to finish a book u started before xmas time. I just can say a word to describe ths book: hilarious!!!… I had a couple hard laughs in the train.

Of course this is a girl’s story, and even I’m not a 100% girl (LoL) I enjoyed it. This book plus a chocolate bar with almonds sounds like a good plan. 

Libby Mason is just a girl that dreams with fall in love with the “perfect” guy, that means cute & rich. While she waits on her blue prince she starts dating a future writter (Nick), cute but not much money. after a while dating, he decides that he wasn’t prepared to fall in love. So after that disaster Libby starts dating new people (Ed), who treats her like a queen and just adore her. He’s a finance guy, with not much social life, millions of pounds, a huge mansion & a Porsche. Pretty much her type of guy. Funny parts comes when she describe her relation with Ed, it seems she doesn’t like his mustache or his accent when he speaks french, well I wouldn’t eigther… but anyway It is a funny story… very relaxed for girls… and easy to feel identified with in many thoughts.

happy king’s Day everyone***

livin’ terrassa

January 3, 2010

Last night I wanted to go to BCN so bad, but destiny took me to Terrassa… anyway I can’t say it was that bad!!! We got free beer at the first bar (Pupilas), but after a while we figured out it wasn’t our style … I mean, don’t get me wrong but pupilas is not the kind of bar a waikiki would go (LoL)…

Second stop: farenheith. too crowdy to comment. 

third stop: faktoria. mmm… first 2 (long) hours: horrible music!!! i mean Rafaela Carra at 3am… I was about to give my ipod to the dj… we didn’t go anywhere else ‘cas we were in Terrassa (not many options). But the night wasn’t over yet… 

A teacher hounding us!!!     

thanx God I was in good company… next weekend will be better***

new decade had just started

January 1, 2010

Last night I was about to call someone and give up to my promise: Don’t hang out on new year’s eve… anyway I finally didn’t and I went to sleep when it was midnight in Canarias… I had my grapes but not my kiss. Tom isn’t here this year, and I should be used to that fact… but I can’t help thinking holidays are for family & couples. But I’m glad I didn’t hang out, ‘cas I would had seen “drunk” couples everywhere (LoL) & probably feel worse.

Anyway I would like to start this decade full of dreams and ilusions… and I hope u guys too. I really hope u had the time of ur life last night, and I just have the best wishes for all my peeps. I post this pic ‘cas I love the rainbow and I feel it will bring us luck this decade… so noting more to say… just WELCOME 2010***