Mr. Maybe by Jane Green

King’s day isn’t only a day to say bye bye to holidays, well it is… but you can also use it to finish a book u started before xmas time. I just can say a word to describe ths book: hilarious!!!… I had a couple hard laughs in the train.

Of course this is a girl’s story, and even I’m not a 100% girl (LoL) I enjoyed it. This book plus a chocolate bar with almonds sounds like a good plan. 

Libby Mason is just a girl that dreams with fall in love with the “perfect” guy, that means cute & rich. While she waits on her blue prince she starts dating a future writter (Nick), cute but not much money. after a while dating, he decides that he wasn’t prepared to fall in love. So after that disaster Libby starts dating new people (Ed), who treats her like a queen and just adore her. He’s a finance guy, with not much social life, millions of pounds, a huge mansion & a Porsche. Pretty much her type of guy. Funny parts comes when she describe her relation with Ed, it seems she doesn’t like his mustache or his accent when he speaks french, well I wouldn’t eigther… but anyway It is a funny story… very relaxed for girls… and easy to feel identified with in many thoughts.

happy king’s Day everyone***


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