four blondes by candace bushnell

Hello everybody, I know it’s been a while without any new post. But I wasn’t doing anything worthy to mention (LoL). Just watching tv, sleeping a lot, reading a book and writting old stories… Anyway today I want to talk about the book I finished on my way home from work this evening…”Four Blondes”. 

This book isn’t bad. But I thought It was going to be better. I actually thought It was gonnna be like Sex in the City, that was really good. But I can’t say this book was bad. It’s about four different lives. Four short stories that make you think probably life in New York isn’t that great. First ‘cas their protagonists seem to have a constant depression (they are never happy like most of us in the real world)… until they finally(better say suddenly) get a “happy ending”.

This is just another example of how in love with NYC is people from NYC. Everything can happen in New York right? get a millionaire contract to model for Victoria’s Secret (when you are over 30) , get a charge of editor for an important internet magazine project, get a simple happiness feeling with your own life or just get married… the common factor was the unhappiness of these women, that seem to have everythig in life. Just like you and me… (just that I can’t afford Blahnick’s).

I can’t say I have a favourite blond. Just read it if you have A LOT OF TIME.


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