Lucy Sullivan is getting married by Marian Keyes

This is a book I was reading like a month ago, and I finished when my charger was broken. So I couldn’t make any comment about it. Well this is just th story of a pretty “normal good” girl that finally has a “happy ending”… (just like other Marian Keyes stories, specially “Sushi for Beginners”). Lucy Sullivan is another girl that suffers a kind of depression caused of her hard childhood, but she doesn’t get to know that’s why she always choose “drunk & workless” guys until her sudden maturity. After many lack of maturity episodes she realize she always knew “the perfect” guy, but she was to busy feeling sorry for her bad luck…  

Anyway it’s a typical Keyes story. Good to read it, yes… why not? Just a little too ” sweet happy endind” for some people***


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