I Love Bikiko!!!

This is  a night that I wanted to post many day ago!!!! I ‘ve got a lot of information:


I mean OH MY GOD!!! I have a friend that will play in a concert. I’m very excited, sorry I can’t help it!!! Obviously I’ll tell u more about it after da Super Hot Jazz Fusion night*** 

Anyway, I’ve met Jimmy’s best friend, I was learning some phrases in greek… (something about a “pipa”), I was looking for a lighter (pretty hard now in “smoke free” Barcelona), and I made a promise: go to the concert and pretend I’m a fan of the bassist, that is BIKIKO!!!!…

There were a lot more things that night, We went to eat my favourite Hiper caloric Peruvian Chicken (pollo a la Brasa) but it wasn’t enough for Jimmy, he had to ask something else… but “anticuchos”, ‘cas he isn’t that brave anyway… (LoL) Nobody wants to taste it after I explain is Cow heart…

Anyway I didn’t have “pisco Sour” that night, but I hope to get my dose soon… anybody wants to join?? (LoL)


One Response to “I Love Bikiko!!!”

  1. Bianca Says:

    I want to go to that concert!!!!! and I´m in Pisco sour´s sessions!!!!!! =)

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