I think poverty was always there, but I never really payed attention to it… until 2002 The first time I went to visit Cusco. I was freezing there, I think we were at 5ºC, and I saw a group of kids of 6 or 7 years old playing football with a can in the street, without shoes. I was shocked ‘cas I knew it was cold there, but they were happily playing without worries. I asked one of the boys if they didn’t feel cold or what, and he told me they were used to it, ‘cas they didn’t have shoes. That answer broke my heart.

Second time I visited Cusco (2007) I felt in love with many kids, and I took them some pics ‘cas I couldn’t adopt them… Anyway these kids are lovely, are from Cusco – Peru but believe me when I says Kids like these are around the country…

One of the kids that I remember, Carlitos. We ‘d met him on “Punta Sal” a beach in the north of Peru. He was selling us beers… I asked him why he wasn’t at the school… and answered ‘cas he was on Saint week vacation ( very smart)… What a great Vacation time, I thought. And then he saw an ipod and didn’t know what it was, we explained him and next 5 minutes he was sitting there next to us listening music, until he realized he had to work…


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