Remember Lima…

I’ve just watched “Callejeros” and I just can say they missed 100 more bad things about Lima, but they also missed 1000000000 good things about Peru. I realized it’s not enough with one program.

The grey Lima is a city of contrasts, that’s our truth. I must confess Lima never was one of my favourite cities, but there’s where I was born and where I’d spent 5 years of my life. Then I always thought it was just a big, grey & chaotic city. I never felt safe alone … well Now that I think about it, I never had a chance to be alone there (LoL)… but that’s how it is, and now that I’m older, I’m still thinking Lima is all I said before, but you learn to love it after all. Just one more thing: Peru is not only Lima and Machu Picchu like they showed on Callejeros…


Did you know why Lima is grey?… because it never rains. Clouds can’t go to the sky to complete the cycle `cas of the tall mountains. That’s why they stay in the city and create that drizzle that bothers so much every morning. Humidity never was my best friend (LoL)


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