Valentine’s day in Peru is not only the lovers day, is also the friendship day so I hope all my friends in the World had a great day!!!! I love u all. One of my old friends told me: friends are the family we choose, and she was right.

Some people could think I forget them, but trust me I don’t and I won’t. People walked with me during my childhood until today. People that has my confidence and will always have it.  ‘Cas good friends are very important in life. And specially ‘cas good friends are forever… I have friends that I don’t talk to in years and they are still in my heart. 

I appreciate people is with me right now: january 2010 that I don’t have a coin in my bank account. Friends that count coins with me to ask for a drink in a club, friends that offer me their help no matter what, without waiting anything from me then. Those will be my  real friends in life. ‘cas VIPeeps in a club are not always that nice when u don’t have more money to ask for another Moët. That’s why I want to say hello to all the real people I’d met in life, and people I’m knowing now. People make u feel well in good times, and people try to make u feel even better in bad’s. Friends that are and were there ALWAYS.


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