Everything about Machu Picchu

This post is dedicated to Cris, and to all the people that had watched Callejeros Lima, the other day. ‘Cas Machu Picchu is not in Lima (LoL). and of course is not the name of Aida’s peruvian waiter. I’ll try to explain you a little about it, of course I’m not an expert, but I’ll try my best. Since 2007 Machu Picchu is one of the New Seven Wonders and believe me when I say I know why. It’s amazing!!! History says it was built on XV century. And it was used like residence of one of the first Incas (Pachacutec) and also like a religious sanctuary. Landscape ‘d got there is  unbelievable. And the energy you can feel there is very strong. I didn’t believe this until I’d got there in 2002. But pics I’ll show u now are from a trip we did on 2007.

Like I said before Machu Picchu is not in Lima. That means: once in Lima, You’re still a long way away… but it worths it. trust me. More than an hour in a plane from Lima to Cusco. And four hours in a train ’til “Aguas Calientes” (town below Machu Picchu Mountain). I have to warn you they don’t live with feathers in their head, their money is pretty much the US dollar (thanx to the turism), and you can also find a tampax there (LoL). After all that long trip, you ALSO gotta take a bus, up to the mountain… ‘cas we’re not olimpic climbers (LoL)

Machu Picchu was hidden by herb during centuries. And supposedly was discovered by Hiram Bingham in 1911

Inside Machu Picchu

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