girls just wanna have fun

I have a new definition in my mind: “parked car drinking”.

That let u have deep conversations about… boys, friends, make up… (LoL). OK our conversation wasn’t very deep but we had so much fun last night… where else?¿: La Carpa (again) (LoL). Same people, same music, different energy. Alex joined to the party duo, and was the star of the night. Even she didn’t jump to the podium like Neni and I. She was doing something a while better: Making friends and getting free vodka shots.

first moments:

I can’t complain at all. Last night I was very warm I know… But it’s winter!!! so “let me be” (LoL)

the looks:

Of Course Alex stole my furs (LoL). These are Alex fur moments:


love expression:


my girls:

party team:


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