that I, I, I’m so Hard

Never deny a second chance to a club. I remember  I went to Otto Zutz 3 years ago Music was fine but I never found a reason to go back. Last night I had so much fun, music was very R&B (how I like it LoL). In the other hand we had many things to celebrate:

– Bianca’s bday

– Bianca’s back from Peru

– Pay day

– saturday off from work 

– reunion with people I haven’t seen in YEARS!!! (Annika) and Months (Bianca & Carlos)

They played one of our favourite tunes: Hard from Rihanna’s new album. Ren & I were havin’ our karaoke time in the line (LoL)

Anyway I just can’t wait to repeat guys. Thanx for drinking my purse!!! It was kinda heavy (LoL). This was afterNinfas***

the couple:

at the club:

Bianca’s tan after a month of beach in Peru***

An “eastern” german (don’t u know a thing called cellphone?) speakig english, an austrian speaking peruvian, and a colombian speaking german… of course an andalusian speaking spanish, and a peruvian speaking andalusian… I know it’s confuing, but that’s how it was last night. That’s another thing you couldn’t find in another city.

yeaaaah I was havin’ fun

the freaks:

Last pic, goodnight:

After that Ren & I bought chocolate muffins & bread to walk home***


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