things I’ll never forget…

Yesterday I was listening Empire State of mind, but Alicia playing alone version. During this month I’ve been reading a book, which story happens in London. NYC & london are cities we find everywhere. Tv, radio, extranger’s Tshirts, movies, news, magazines, websites, etc. Whatever. Personally I wanted to go to London since I was 12. When I was a fan of 90’s brit pop, and wanted to date Liam Gallagher (yeah everybody has a past, LoL). The thing is that last night somebody reminded me London. And that made me realize cities become unforgettable for people that light and inspire that city. If cities were empty, they would be completely dark & without any experience to talk about when u go back home. Tourism industry wouldn’t exist. ‘cas it wouldn’t be very smart to see a place without any wit. Anyway that’s why I wanted to say there’s unforgettable people, that suddenly comes to my mind everytime I hear a song, I see a movie, I tell a story … Like London(that I mention pretty much everyday, LoL). I’ve got a lot of inspiration there and that’s why I named my blog like this. One of my favourite places there was Covent Garden, where I found that Tshirt of “You rock, You rule”. And macchiato is a word I will never forget. Specially ‘cas the first day I tried to get my typical “cortado”, I had to explain to a portuguese waiter what I wanted and it took him a while to get my order… after that he told me: “order a macchiato next time”, and winked to me. And that’s what I did every morning of that 2008 september. Another example of how hard is to forget something or somebody with just saying a word…     


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