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Young Wives by Olivia Goldsmith

March 30, 2010

A great novel!!! It’s about three young wives that discover their marriages aren’t ideal anymore… During the novel they built a very strong friendship, that make them do crazy and some ilegal things to get their honor back: Revenge!!! Kam, a young lawer married with a “rich boy” who tells her he had an “adventure” their aniversary day… then she discover it was with her best friend in Boton: whore Lisa!!! (sorry). Then Vivian, who had an ideal husband until she discovers he’s a drug dealer, and involves all her “until that” nice family in a big problem. Then Jada… the hardworker afroamerican wife, who works like crazy for her children while her husband watch tv and sleep with another “whore” (sorry again). Until he takes their children and bring a lawsuit against her for “abandonment”. Anyway, after a pantomime in front of a judge, this gives the custody of her children to Clinton (lazy bastard Jada’s husband) and make her pay a maintenance pension… After realizing system doesn’t work for them they decide to do something: REVENGE!!!

This is another Girl’s power book… but it’s very good. I recommend you to read it. It’s long, but fun enough to make you read until the last sheet. Hope u like it***


I know ur bday is already gone…

March 28, 2010

but I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to let you know how important is our friendship for me. You were my first friend in college, and I’m glad it was you. We had so many things in common… remember??? Now we don’t see each other everyday like before, but I’m glad to still being at ur agend. PLEASE call me more often!!! don’t make me wait another birthday to see you again. Just remember I will never forget you, and I hope to be around in the future and more… remember also you are in my confidence list!!! and since last night we ‘re officialy family… ask Andrea & ur dad (LoL)!!!! Happy Birthday Cousin!!!

What the F@&% time is it???

March 28, 2010

This is the post when I say OMG, last night party was just superb. The thing was celebrate Chapa’s Bday and we did it like no time before in a normal flat in Barcelona… I mean parties like this are common in Peru, but party until 9am (Well I’m not really sure about that ‘cas of the time change (LoL)), without neighbours calling the cops… it was amazing!!!

It was a Coronita’s night… I don’t have many pictures with Chapa ‘cas he went to bed early…

Here we are singing peruvian songs after Dj went to sleep… Before he didn’t let anybody touch the laptop to play some music…

I had so much fun last night, I promise!!! I can’t wait til next bday at Carrer Calabria…

only beers

March 28, 2010

at La Ovella Negra, a classic in Barcelona. And Only restroom at Hard Rock Cafe (LoL). Last friday I went to have “only beers” with my ex-co-workers, I had fun, but I’m still thinking we need to hang out like before, like in that old ’08 summer.

Anyway, I hope we can find some time to get together another day… Even when we don’t have money… we can always sit at at Raval Rambla and have beers for 1 € (LoL, nice try Xavi). I’ve got to know things hadn’t changed so far…

become a fan

March 23, 2010

I know you gotta think I’m bored or I don’t have anythig to do… well part of that It’s true… I made a site on facebook so all my readers (that are not many LoL) can become a fan. I just want to know how many people like what I publish here… which is crap sometimes, I know… It seems I fell on the blogger’s syndrome!!!   

For people don’t know yet, this blog is about a simple girl doing simple things in Barcelona…

BECOME A FAN NOW!!!!/pages/Macchiato-in-Covent-Gargen/104168609617103?ref=mf

Patio Latino

March 21, 2010

This is a place I knew thanx to my friend Nathaly and I would like to recommend to all the people hadn’t taste peruvian food yet. Peruvian food is one of the things I’m more proud of. ‘Cas peruvian food it’s not only good… peruvian food is superior, thanx to the mixture of cultures, our cookery had reached superb flavors. Unfortunately the best food is made in Peru. But the restaurant “Patio Latino” brings you the best of peruvian food in Barcelona. In a warm and friendly place they serve peruvian most typical plates with a good presentation.

C/Martínez de la Rosa, 10

look on google map!!!!


sunday walk

March 21, 2010

This sunday I thought it was gonna be sunny and nice… It wasn’t sunny at all, but I can’t deny a walk by bcn is always nice. I went to one of  my favs restaurants and then I just walked to burn all calories I gainned during this week. This is what I saw:

 This is an exposition you can find at Ramblas: “Rambles de Paper”. Walls with 70’s spanish newspaper cuts. Revolucionary cover magazines. And you can have a coffee there!!!

These are some guiris (tourists) trying to make some money singing in choir “Dreeeaammm, dream dream dreammmm” I promise their hat was having a good day… I guess this a new way to finance expensive bcn night life (LoL)

This is a poster of a play Juan Diego Flores has at “Teatre de Liceu” (I talk about this in the post “La fille du régiment”)

Good Morning Barcelona***

March 19, 2010

My story starts some months ago, when I’d got to know I had “everything” expired… included my passport. After two times of unsuccessful attempts. Last tuesday morning I did it. I had to wake up at obscene hours, after a “drinks” night, to be at a line and get my ticket to renew my “everything” at the consulate. Finally I could do my thing but at 11h I was exhausted… I had a coffee but it wasn’t enough… When everybody was saying “Good Morning Barcelona” I was wishing to be in my bed… but I had to work then.

Then at work I didn’t have an easy day, but that’s another story…  Last tuesday I’d learnt to trust my intuitions, that some people shouldn’t deserve ur attention and that family is and always will be the most important.

night wasn’t over

March 18, 2010

This is an opportunity to say: I love UAB parties!!! This time the excuse was to say “See you later Romero”. Of course she wasn’t as tan as she’s use to… (‘cas she’s from Caribean town Manlleu), but she’d got a great surprise when she saw loads of people on her livin’ room… Of course party started a little late ‘cas she didn’t know she was getting late to her own surprise party. After whispering in the dark during an hour, eating a couple croquettes and some nachos with guacamole Rome finally appeared. Most of the poeple went to bed after an hour, it’s logical when it’s 23h on tuesday. But the group you can see in the pic is the one that started playing lemon, half lemon, two lemons… had a trascedental conversation about music (trying to convince a Heavy Metal fan that Britney rocks, LoL), and shared new tips for 2010 bikini operation:

I’m not kidding: Lay’s and Lambrusco…

GOOD LUCK in Austria Romero!!!

& don’t forget my Souvenirs!!!

through a 22th floor window

March 15, 2010

These are pics I took once that I had the opportunitty to be that high in front of the sea in Bcn city. I just wanted to share these images with other Bcn lovers… really looking for nice spring, crazy summer… waiting for sun, sun, sun and more sun!!!