Ralph’s party by Lisa Jewell

I’ve just read this book and I wanted to recommend it to all my girlfriends. It’s another girl’s book but a little different: the main character is a man. I must admit I identified myself with him most of the time. Another detail that support a friend’s theory about my masculinity(LoL). Anyway this book joins two stories. The first is about a girl’s dream, and how she (Jem) make mistakes (Smith) trying to follow her destiny. Meanwhile her flatmate (Ralph) is reading all her personal diaries. The thing is that Ralph falls really in love with her. For me he’s a girl-guy once he falls in love. Too romantic to be truth. But I liked him, and I agreed many thoughts and reactions he has along the story. I thought “I would had done that too”. The second story is about a couple. they’d been together all their lives and they needed those “somethings” that happens in the story to realize their relation was kinda stucked. Unfaithfulness. Anyway both are stories that could happen on ur building too (specially the second). cas I really believe everybody has somthing to tell. But that’s just an opinion,


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