yes this is Barcelona under the snow. I know everybody was impressed, taking pictures everywhere… I’d heard a kid saying: “this is the best day of my life mom”… the truth is that Barcelona is a very pretty city, under this white vell, even prettier…

This was the Passeig de Gracia, one of the most important streets in Barcelona.

another perspective:  even yesterday was great for our usual landscape, Some tuorists were complaining ‘cas they came to Barcelona to enjoy a little good weather… (LoL). But what isn’t really “LoL”, I mean funny, is that FGC (Generalitat trains)   had to cut the service since 5.30pm ‘cas of the snow. I went to a concert last night, but when I’d got there and saw hundreds of people waiting to get home, I realized the magntude of the problem: Bcn isn’t prepared for this kind of weather event. it was 1am, and since 5.30 pm (7.30 hours) they hadn’t had organized the service. We had to wait an hour outside, with temperature below 0. I was feeling like like in Titanic (the movie)… Everybody was trying to get to the busses… Of course it wasn’t enough for that crowd of people. Anyway, I had the luck a guy took me home (with other group of people) in his car.. but trust me It was lamentable…


2 Responses to “yesterday…”

  1. Julio C. Ortega Says:

    Of course, Barcelona isn’t prepared for this just because it never happens! Last great snowfall was on 1962.

    I went to Sagrada Familia area and I took many pics with my camera. There were many people taking photos and smiling, so I enjoyed a good, different afternoon. Maybe this just happens once in a lifetime!

  2. macchiatoincoventgarden Says:

    I understand that Bcn is not prepared. What surprised me was the disorganization after 7 hours!!!! in a city as big as Barcelona. It seems snow also frozed the Goverment.

    I’m glad you had fun!!! can’t wait to see ur pics!!!!

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