night wasn’t over

This is an opportunity to say: I love UAB parties!!! This time the excuse was to say “See you later Romero”. Of course she wasn’t as tan as she’s use to… (‘cas she’s from Caribean town Manlleu), but she’d got a great surprise when she saw loads of people on her livin’ room… Of course party started a little late ‘cas she didn’t know she was getting late to her own surprise party. After whispering in the dark during an hour, eating a couple croquettes and some nachos with guacamole Rome finally appeared. Most of the poeple went to bed after an hour, it’s logical when it’s 23h on tuesday. But the group you can see in the pic is the one that started playing lemon, half lemon, two lemons… had a trascedental conversation about music (trying to convince a Heavy Metal fan that Britney rocks, LoL), and shared new tips for 2010 bikini operation:

I’m not kidding: Lay’s and Lambrusco…

GOOD LUCK in Austria Romero!!!

& don’t forget my Souvenirs!!!


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