Young Wives by Olivia Goldsmith

A great novel!!! It’s about three young wives that discover their marriages aren’t ideal anymore… During the novel they built a very strong friendship, that make them do crazy and some ilegal things to get their honor back: Revenge!!! Kam, a young lawer married with a “rich boy” who tells her he had an “adventure” their aniversary day… then she discover it was with her best friend in Boton: whore Lisa!!! (sorry). Then Vivian, who had an ideal husband until she discovers he’s a drug dealer, and involves all her “until that” nice family in a big problem. Then Jada… the hardworker afroamerican wife, who works like crazy for her children while her husband watch tv and sleep with another “whore” (sorry again). Until he takes their children and bring a lawsuit against her for “abandonment”. Anyway, after a pantomime in front of a judge, this gives the custody of her children to Clinton (lazy bastard Jada’s husband) and make her pay a maintenance pension… After realizing system doesn’t work for them they decide to do something: REVENGE!!!

This is another Girl’s power book… but it’s very good. I recommend you to read it. It’s long, but fun enough to make you read until the last sheet. Hope u like it***


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