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April 30, 2010

Last night we were clubbing for many reasons… first ‘cas it was thursday, and personally ‘cas I don’t have to work on saturday yeahhhh!!! Anyway I’m glad I did, ‘cas I did’t feel like hanging out earlier, then I saw Neni and I couldn’t say no. We ‘d met Diana too. She was just as tall and cute as she could be. And I was trying to forget a disappoinment I had before to leave…

The place was Sutton. Once in the “classic” women restrooms we’d realized we had a while without going to “the Club”…

and of course me goofing, for a change…


I don’t know how she does it by Allison Pearson

April 28, 2010

This is the story of Kate. She works like crazy, while she’s being  a mother and a wife… counting minutes to do EVERYTHING very well!!! During the book she talks about male chauvinism at her job and society in general. How women had wrestled for a right to be as far as men from their children. It’s hard to be successful and be the mother and wife society expect you to be. My favourite phrase: If life is an enigma, they (her children) are the answer.

I really liked this book.

Once upon a time, a princess found a frog. He explained the princess he was really a prince and he only needed a kiss from her to be a human being again. He promised her to live in his castle happily ever after, cleaning, cooking, washing… That night the princess had frog legs for dinner. HA!

Bayly @ FNAC Barcelona

April 23, 2010

St. George’s day (Sant Jordi) is also the book’s day. That’s why Barcelona streets get full of stands selling books, and writters signing their latest books. That’s how we found Jaime Bayly at L’Illa Diagonal in Barcelona signing his new book: “El Cojo y el Loco”.

Personally, I couldn’t go, but Ren went there and he’d got an autographe for me, and for him of course***

The Legend

April 22, 2010

I must confess there’re somethings I love about Europe, and one of them are medieval legends… Today Saint George’s day seems to be very special here in Catalonia. Ladies receive  a rose and men receive a book (‘cas is also the book’s day), a local tradition. It’s pretty much a Valentine’s day here… Now I want to tell the legend to people doesn’t know yet…

Saint Gorge was a roman militar that was born in Turkey, in the III Century. He refused to execute an emperor edict that binded to persecute cristians. That’s why he was tomented and decapitated. After his death he was considered martyr and saint by cristians. 

The Saint became popular in Catalonia because in Montblanc used to live a dragon that used to make suffer to Village population. To please the dragon they used to sacrifice a person by drawing lots. One day, luck pointed King’s daugther. Then a handsome knight with an armor faced the dragon and killed him. Tradition add that from the blood sheded, there sprouted a rosebush of red flowers.     

Other medieval testimonies:

J.L. Jardí

April 19, 2010

This exposition takes you to movie landscapes… to images hard to find in real life. Wishing I were  a kid in a movie to live the ilusion of these paintings.  These pictures remind me a time I’ve never met… and will never come back.     

Japanese my day…

April 18, 2010

Sundays are sundays… and we gotta make an effort to do something different (than work, study, blah blah blah) so I went to a japanese menu… it was fun, fun, fun!!! specially when “somebody” asked the waitress how to say ice cream in japanese, and he answered: I don’t know, I’m chinese (LoL)

It was windy… Anyway I’m glad I carried my old coat. It’s so old, so old that seems as vintage as a car I found (LoL)

“Red” Oven

April 18, 2010

Oven is a greek restaurant at Gran Via … food was fine, wine was even better (but I think that was spanish), but company was just insuperable!!! (I love u Alex)…

Well, after some “safe” food (no fish at all, LoL) we went where the music (and free cava & shoots) took us… Let me warn you we were allowed to be naughty (in the good sense)… dj was playing pretty much only for us***



Angels by Marian Keyes

April 16, 2010

Yesterday I finished a book full of Surprises. The beginnings aren’t very exciting but then, next to Maggie you can discover what really matters for her, and for everybody… Maggie is just the “good girl” who’s tryin to be wild once she gets to L.A. to visit her friend Emily. After two sexual experiences (straight and gay), plus denials, plus discovering her real feelings about a love from the past (Shay), and fears about getting pregnant… She discovers she is and always had been deeply in love with her husband (Garv)…

I think Marian Keyes keeps her “fun ideas” in this book, but also touch another reason of depression: abortion in this case, just like all her other books…  

It’s a good book: 7

more Guru way of life

April 14, 2010

when we are not making lists, or plans for next surprises…

Sueño de Morfeo @ Hard Rock Cafe

April 14, 2010

I’ve just got from a free concert at Hard Rock Cafe… This is not another spanish pop group… well it is, but their songs talk about feelings in every level… I’m glad I’d stayed… couple beers alone, and reading a book… I’m sure people around me thought I was a freak… and I am… LoL

Finally I found Raquel at the restroom, and I took a pic with her… I don’t look great, but I didn’t have an opportunity to do another shoot…