The Legend

I must confess there’re somethings I love about Europe, and one of them are medieval legends… Today Saint George’s day seems to be very special here in Catalonia. Ladies receive  a rose and men receive a book (‘cas is also the book’s day), a local tradition. It’s pretty much a Valentine’s day here… Now I want to tell the legend to people doesn’t know yet…

Saint Gorge was a roman militar that was born in Turkey, in the III Century. He refused to execute an emperor edict that binded to persecute cristians. That’s why he was tomented and decapitated. After his death he was considered martyr and saint by cristians. 

The Saint became popular in Catalonia because in Montblanc used to live a dragon that used to make suffer to Village population. To please the dragon they used to sacrifice a person by drawing lots. One day, luck pointed King’s daugther. Then a handsome knight with an armor faced the dragon and killed him. Tradition add that from the blood sheded, there sprouted a rosebush of red flowers.     

Other medieval testimonies:


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