I don’t know how she does it by Allison Pearson

This is the story of Kate. She works like crazy, while she’s being  a mother and a wife… counting minutes to do EVERYTHING very well!!! During the book she talks about male chauvinism at her job and society in general. How women had wrestled for a right to be as far as men from their children. It’s hard to be successful and be the mother and wife society expect you to be. My favourite phrase: If life is an enigma, they (her children) are the answer.

I really liked this book.

Once upon a time, a princess found a frog. He explained the princess he was really a prince and he only needed a kiss from her to be a human being again. He promised her to live in his castle happily ever after, cleaning, cooking, washing… That night the princess had frog legs for dinner. HA!


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