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getting ideas for the future…

May 30, 2010

I can’t complain at all, I had a great sunday!!! good food, great conversations and two desserts (ice cream & cheesecake). It was a sunday plenty of peruvian flavours:

Yeah I know you’re dying to taste a little of this “papa a la Huancaina”. But food wasn’t the only one thing I wanted to share with you. Actually the main intention of this post is publish a proposal I thought interesting: Eliminate free education. This idea’s logic is that people would value education a lot more. Laura said: We wouldn’t have irresponsable or disrespectful students in the classrooms”…

Well I really believe in education as the base of society, and It would be good to make people realize it’s better to waste your little money on educate your children than buying latest Nike styles. Even so, not everybody is unrespectful, and there should always be the opportunity to improve. Today, the real slavery is poverty, hunger… and the best way to fight that is with education, that’s why I disagree.

Anyway, We were just trying to solve the crisis in a couple hours (LoL)

Thanx Pato for the wonderful food and dessertS, and thanx Laura for a nice conversation ;D

There we are burning calories at StQ Monestir (where else? LoL)…

Have a great week my Little Monsters***


Dating big bird by Laura Zigman

May 27, 2010

Having a baby is always an important desition… specially if the man you love has reasons to not having a baby again.

This is Ellen story, a carreer woman, who has a great job, a great flat, but she feels she’s missing something in this life: a child. So she decides to think about “Single Motherhood”. She’s dating Malcom, a man she loves, but is depressed after losing his young little boy. That’s why he doesn’t feel prepared to start again with Ellen. 

When you start reading, it’s kinda boring (too much fashion). But as soon as she set her problem with Malcom, book start getting interesting. Sounds more like a real story.

I liked it.

Peruvian Causa

May 26, 2010

Tonight for dinner we had: Causa Limeña made by Andrea, of course.

Last night when I’d got this invitation I thought it was to tell us a kind of “news”, but thankfuly that wasn’t the reason. Andrea made one of her peruvian specialities and it was soooooo goooooood. Thanx Andy & Chapa***

Anyway, I know most of you gotta be starving just seeing the pic… that’s why I looked online a recipe of this great dish:


  • 1kg potatoes (yellow, if available)
  • 4 tbsp ají amarillo paste
  • ½ cup vegetable oil (olive oil not recommended)
  • Juice 1 key lime
  • 1 can of tuna-fish packed in oil or boiled chicken threads
  • ½ onion, finely chopped
  • 1 cup mayonnaise
  • 1 avocado
  • Salt


Boil the potatoes in salted water. Peel and mash while still hot (enough to handle). Let cool and mix thoroughly with the ají amarillo paste, vegetable oil, and lime juice. Salt to taste.

Mix the tuna (or chicken) with the chopped onions and mayonnaise.

Place a layer of the potato mash on a serving dish, and spread with a thin film of mayonnaise. Cut the avocado in slices and lay on the first layer of potato mash. Spread a second layer of potato mash, and cover with the tuna (or chicken) mayonnaise. Cover with a last layer of potatoes, and decorated with slices of hard boiled eggs and black olives.

Do u know why they called “Causa” to this dish??? In the indepence war times (against the spanish Crown), the rebels used this dish to transport their correspondence (between potate and tuna). They used to say: “por la causa” (for the cause) to the independence from Spain.

a monday sunday

May 24, 2010

Today was holiday in Barcelona city, but not everywhere in the Province. So only some of us had a long weekend to enjoy at the beach!!!

That’s something I really enjoy about Spain, Holidays. I remember my first year here, I couldn’t believe there were so many official holidays. So I went to classes every holiday (I didn’t know before) just to make sure door was well closed. Now I don’t know what I would do without them

Now I’m very Tired tired, now I just can say: This Monday sounded to me like Sunday.

Caffeine ur life

May 23, 2010

Sometimes you just don’t want to taste alcohol on a saturday night… Don’t worry I have another substance that will make you smile, specially in a frappe form. Thanx to Alex’s Dolce Gusto. One Latte Macchiato, some ice cubes, sugar and a whisk. Then put some moothy cream and color sparks. Then, share it with a good friend.

Then you can play with Lia Modne Rosy Susy Pinssessa Pessiossa (Dog in the picture)

Next morning: Macchiato in Cerdanyola***

Watermelon by Marian Keyes

May 17, 2010

This is a very long book. The story is pretty interesting, but just starting you get to know the main character has a long way to go on maturity. I like Keyes, but she’s too introspective with her character, which is good, but her style is excessive.

This is the story of Claire. A girl that has everything she needs in life: a good husband, a great flat in London… a great Life. Just when she thought she couldn’t be any happier, ‘cas she had a baby girl, James (her husband) let her know he’s leaving. She and her newborned baby go to spend a recovery period with Claire’s (disfunctional) family to Dublin. After a “long” alcohol period, she gets a little better, and starts her new “single” life, meeting cute Adam. That’s when James gets back on scene. He wants her to go back to London. And that’s what she was going to do, until she realizes of his manipulations.

A story that teachs you what doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger…

Bday BBQ, somewhere very far away

May 17, 2010

Yesterday we celebrated Aleix bday (which is today, Happy Birthday Aleix!!!). He bought the meat, and he prepared it… and we only ate it.

I was really hard to find the place: Mura. I made a big effort to don’t get sick (on Marc’s car) with those curves.

We had fun and I have pics to prove it!!!

same night, I promise…

May 17, 2010

Last friday, our plans were changing, changing, and changing again…

First we were supposed to go to watch a movie, but Neni didn’t like any movie, so she proposed to go to La Carpa. Since we decided “late”, we didn’t have our drinks bought, so we went to a gas station, and guess what??? it was after midnight, so we only could get 0,0% beer and chips (a must on our nights)…

As you can see, there’s a difference in our looks. Neni was ready to party hard, and I was ready for a movie…

We finally arrived to La Carpa… It was empty, It was friday and it was smelling to “Old Spice”, LoL. We were probably the youngest girls (20 years of difference at least)… that’s why we didn’t stay for very long…

So we went Bocca!!!, Same as Carpa, but over there lights were weaker, so couldn’t see their old faces (and bodies)…

We could focus on dancing “Bad Romance”…

My Mom

May 9, 2010

Ladies & gentlemen: this is my mom!!! This pic was taken when I was seven years old in Pacasmayo (northern Peruvian Port). Where she used to spend her summers when she was a kid. I used to go there often ‘cas she loves summer, beach, and of course Pacasmayo lighthouse…

I post this picture, ‘cas even those were kinda tough moments for her, she never denied us (Bro and I) our childhood (just look at our smiles in the pic)…

we had to get mature together. Those moments made us stronger and closed. Today, mother’s day in Peru and I want to thank my mom for being as young as she is, ‘cas she made us laugh when we were supposed to be crying… I LOVE YOU MOM!!!

groove slam, work it back, filter that, baby bump that track

May 5, 2010

I couldn’t believe it, but it’s truth!!! LadyGaGa will be in da Haus, I mean , in Barcelona… in december, my favourite month for obvious reasons (birthdays, christmas, holidays and ‘cas new years means renew urself), anyway, the thing is that this will be another reason to love this december 2010.

Let me tell you my story with Lady GaGa… it was july of 2008 and my brother made me listen Poker Face and Beautiful, Dirty, Rich… and I didn’t pay attention to him at all… I thought It was just another “one hit wonder”, the thing is that I went to London that september, and guess what… I fall in love with the UK’s number one lists GaGa queen… When I came back home, I told my brother about it to download some of her music, and he said: I have the whole album months ago…

So my advice for you guys is to listen ur brother or sister when they say you’re in front of new pop’s phenomenon, or monster (except Kesha, I hate her)***

and my second advice is to get a ticket for this music freak as soon as possible!!!