And Suddenly an angel by Jaime Bayly

A great book. A brilliant narration. I don’t know if it’s available in english, but it worths every word in spanish. This is the story of Julián Beltrán, a peruvian writter, that starts an unfrequent friendship with the cleaning lady, Mercedes. He starts asking about Mercedes life, and she confesses she was sold by her mother when she was ten years old. Since then, she was working as a servant in a Military man house, and then in many houses. An extrange affection for her starts growing in Julián. So he decides to investigate about Mercedes mother. Mercedes reaction when they finally find her mother taught him to overcome his resentment for his father.

This story talks about human relations, social classes in a Third World Country… differences that could sound stupid for most of us, but still current in our days.

Easy to read. Easy to feel identified with (peruvians), an essential in the latin american and spanish reading of this century…

Hilarious part: When he remembers his grandfather funeral and his mother start singing a religious song: “pero mira como beben los peces en el río, beben y beben, y vuelven a beber…” I promise I thought about how stupid is that song when I was a kid… I couldn’t help to laugh out loud at the train when I was reading it…


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