groove slam, work it back, filter that, baby bump that track

I couldn’t believe it, but it’s truth!!! LadyGaGa will be in da Haus, I mean , in Barcelona… in december, my favourite month for obvious reasons (birthdays, christmas, holidays and ‘cas new years means renew urself), anyway, the thing is that this will be another reason to love this december 2010.

Let me tell you my story with Lady GaGa… it was july of 2008 and my brother made me listen Poker Face and Beautiful, Dirty, Rich… and I didn’t pay attention to him at all… I thought It was just another “one hit wonder”, the thing is that I went to London that september, and guess what… I fall in love with the UK’s number one lists GaGa queen… When I came back home, I told my brother about it to download some of her music, and he said: I have the whole album months ago…

So my advice for you guys is to listen ur brother or sister when they say you’re in front of new pop’s phenomenon, or monster (except Kesha, I hate her)***

and my second advice is to get a ticket for this music freak as soon as possible!!!


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