getting ideas for the future…

I can’t complain at all, I had a great sunday!!! good food, great conversations and two desserts (ice cream & cheesecake). It was a sunday plenty of peruvian flavours:

Yeah I know you’re dying to taste a little of this “papa a la Huancaina”. But food wasn’t the only one thing I wanted to share with you. Actually the main intention of this post is publish a proposal I thought interesting: Eliminate free education. This idea’s logic is that people would value education a lot more. Laura said: We wouldn’t have irresponsable or disrespectful students in the classrooms”…

Well I really believe in education as the base of society, and It would be good to make people realize it’s better to waste your little money on educate your children than buying latest Nike styles. Even so, not everybody is unrespectful, and there should always be the opportunity to improve. Today, the real slavery is poverty, hunger… and the best way to fight that is with education, that’s why I disagree.

Anyway, We were just trying to solve the crisis in a couple hours (LoL)

Thanx Pato for the wonderful food and dessertS, and thanx Laura for a nice conversation ;D

There we are burning calories at StQ Monestir (where else? LoL)…

Have a great week my Little Monsters***


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