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June 27, 2010

I don’t have Ferran pictures from last night yet… by now I have another story: Beach, Beach, Beach… but we forgot magazines, so we were talking and talking… until we started on facebook. We were next to each other sending and sendidng back comments to our “status”… this facebookholism is getting worse with smartphones… seriously we couldn’t quit… then we will need some professional help.

Then we went have something @ a bar, always with the BB on the table (just in case, LoL) 

BB taking the sun***

Happy Gay Pride’s Day to everybody!!!


keeping in touch…

June 27, 2010

After a week since they finished classes they made a promise: KEEP IN TOUCH!!! that reminded me of all the people that I made that promise with…: I’M SORRY!!!

Anyway, I’m here to show you “some” (and  say some, ‘cas the other half of pics is in Ferran’s cam) of the pics we took last night. That are a lot, and very good…

Chatting ’til last minute!!! BBM is a wonderful invention***

We also had an improvised photo shoot session:

You gotta admit Neni looks wide sexy!!!

Then some wild moments:

that was Ferran’s hunting mood (LoL)

Macchiato was taking pictures and running away from “Figuras”… there are more stories, but I ‘ll post them on the second part… if someday Ferran gets home…

Pissed but Happy***

June 25, 2010

Yeahhhh Spain won to Chile and I couldn’t miss it!!!! I arrived to HR just when Villa scored the first goal, and I’d got crazy!!! Not only ‘cas I’m a fan, also ‘cas I was doing what I wanted to do, even alone I had the Time Of My Life. That’s why I’m happy, ‘cas I don’t support Spain ‘cas I live here. I support them since France ’98 when they lost againt Korea… I knew they were good. So I’m glad they made it today***

But pissed, not with people… pissed with myself.

After all I can say I’m learning something important in lifetime: I DON’T NEED ANYBODY to be HAPPY!!! not even you… or you. I miss you, but guess what… I’m used to lonelyness, now I don’t know If  I would be able to live another way… -and I sware I love you, but I don’t need you anymore… but I don’t need ANYBODY!!!

ooohhh  yeahh I was pissed… but that wasn’t the only one reason. After my HUDGE chicken sandwish and pint, bartender invited me another beer… after all it’s not too bad to be alone***

St Jhon’s Thoughts

June 24, 2010

Tradition in Catalonia is to spend the night before 24th parting “a lot”, specially at the beach… they call it “the shortest night of the year”…

Another personal tradition is to spend New year’s eve, and St Jhon’s eve walking everywhere looking for something to do… this time it wasn’t different, but I can’t complain, I didn’t fall sleep anywhere this time… even I was tired to death, bangers wouldn’t had let me.

But the best part of local traditions is Holiday!!! yeahhh `Cas lately I could say: “I don’t have a LIFE”. I love soccer and I can’t watch any match!!! that just SUCKS!!!

At least this holiday I could go to the beach. Little by little I’m getting a “healthy” color (probably 23:30 hours a day indoors). And tomorrow I’ll watch Chile-Spain match. Easy to know which team I’ll be supporting right? Anyway, I’ll try to do it all!!!

I hope you guys had a GREAT St Jhon’s eve***


June 15, 2010

Some of you may know it, but for people who doesn’t know it yet. I found a firm to do practices… yeahhh!!! Well that’s why I’m not posting very much lately `cas I’m working pretty much from sun to sun…but even this summer sounds cruel (2 jobs), I’m very happy***

Anyway, I would like to share a little of this wonderful experience. We went to Botafumeiro, a Galician restaurant in BCN’s heart. I’m not a big fan of sea food, but I gotta admit I was impressed. Beautiful marine environment, excellent service, and unbelievable food freshness… Now I understand why King Juan Carlos I doesn’t miss it when he visits Barcelona.

Gran de Grácia 81, Barcelona (of course)

Lil’ Nurieta***

June 9, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! This pic was taken a year ago I think, and even we can’t find a little time to spend together. I will always share that 2008 summer, that we worked at ECI. I had so much fun with you… the one that laughed all my gooffy momments (unforgettable shaking babies or the Coronel Tapiocca bag in the head). I would like to let you know I haven’t forgotten you. You are always in my mind and I wish you the best for ur birthday. Please call me to repeat laughs like the day in these pics. I love you***

Häagen goffre

June 6, 2010

Last week we went to Häagen Dazs (Rambla Cataluña) and I want to recommend you their Goffre & ice cream, it’s a little expensive, but it worth it until the last nickel… mmmm Ice cream!!! a piece of heaven on ur table.

Bon Appetit***

Holland is getting ready…

June 6, 2010

Most of you probably know I love football… and I want to share some pics a very friend of mine (Holland soccer selection team number one lover) sent me last week to convince me Holland has more football spirit in this World Cup than Spain… these are just some pics he took near his house in Rotterdam. Just to share the a little of football spirit***

I’m lovin’ it

June 6, 2010

This will be my week resume: many walks, many big macs and a summer law practice job, and I’m loving it…  Wish me luck with the last one.

  Then on friday we went to watch Sex in the City  2, we laughed a lot and went to have some Cosmopolitans at Sandwish & Friends, just to comment the movie. “I’m strong, I’m invincible”… and guess what: I’m loving it!!!

I went to taste the new Tanzarú coffee at Nespresso. A wonderful limited edition coffee, harvest from Tanzania and Perú, that you can taste at Nespresso Store in Paseo de Gracia… and I’m loving it…

This is me and my mad face (I’m not a guiri!!!), I post it ‘cas it’s funny (LoL) and I’m lovin’ it

This is a japanese tourist walking Barcelona with tights & flip flops!!! (blue sweater one) and you know what??? I’m lovin’ it LOL (I really don’t)

And then I finally made my Blackberry work (after months), I’m ready to BBM everyone!!! (send me ur pin numbers)***

Under spring rain

June 6, 2010

When I woke up this morning it was raining like crazy… I thought we were gonna change our plans, but nope… and I’m glad we didn’t. Yesterday was Neni’s bdays and today we celebrated together BBQing in Mura. It was raining but she absolutely worths this and more… She was kinda sad at the beggining ‘cas of the rain, but things worked well after all, ‘cas rain isn’t the end of the world right?

We were there to make it happen, `cas we love you Neni***

meat meat meat!!!! lots of Meat!!!

the people:

after big lunch, time for chilling out***

Time for cake & gifts: