I’m lovin’ it

This will be my week resume: many walks, many big macs and a summer law practice job, and I’m loving it…  Wish me luck with the last one.

  Then on friday we went to watch Sex in the City  2, we laughed a lot and went to have some Cosmopolitans at Sandwish & Friends, just to comment the movie. “I’m strong, I’m invincible”… and guess what: I’m loving it!!!

I went to taste the new Tanzarú coffee at Nespresso. A wonderful limited edition coffee, harvest from Tanzania and Perú, that you can taste at Nespresso Store in Paseo de Gracia… and I’m loving it…

This is me and my mad face (I’m not a guiri!!!), I post it ‘cas it’s funny (LoL) and I’m lovin’ it

This is a japanese tourist walking Barcelona with tights & flip flops!!! (blue sweater one) and you know what??? I’m lovin’ it LOL (I really don’t)

And then I finally made my Blackberry work (after months), I’m ready to BBM everyone!!! (send me ur pin numbers)***


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