St Jhon’s Thoughts

Tradition in Catalonia is to spend the night before 24th parting “a lot”, specially at the beach… they call it “the shortest night of the year”…

Another personal tradition is to spend New year’s eve, and St Jhon’s eve walking everywhere looking for something to do… this time it wasn’t different, but I can’t complain, I didn’t fall sleep anywhere this time… even I was tired to death, bangers wouldn’t had let me.

But the best part of local traditions is Holiday!!! yeahhh `Cas lately I could say: “I don’t have a LIFE”. I love soccer and I can’t watch any match!!! that just SUCKS!!!

At least this holiday I could go to the beach. Little by little I’m getting a “healthy” color (probably 23:30 hours a day indoors). And tomorrow I’ll watch Chile-Spain match. Easy to know which team I’ll be supporting right? Anyway, I’ll try to do it all!!!

I hope you guys had a GREAT St Jhon’s eve***


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