Pissed but Happy***

Yeahhhh Spain won to Chile and I couldn’t miss it!!!! I arrived to HR just when Villa scored the first goal, and I’d got crazy!!! Not only ‘cas I’m a fan, also ‘cas I was doing what I wanted to do, even alone I had the Time Of My Life. That’s why I’m happy, ‘cas I don’t support Spain ‘cas I live here. I support them since France ’98 when they lost againt Korea… I knew they were good. So I’m glad they made it today***

But pissed, not with people… pissed with myself.

After all I can say I’m learning something important in lifetime: I DON’T NEED ANYBODY to be HAPPY!!! not even you… or you. I miss you, but guess what… I’m used to lonelyness, now I don’t know If  I would be able to live another way… -and I sware I love you, but I don’t need you anymore… but I don’t need ANYBODY!!!

ooohhh  yeahh I was pissed… but that wasn’t the only one reason. After my HUDGE chicken sandwish and pint, bartender invited me another beer… after all it’s not too bad to be alone***


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