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Bad Element

July 26, 2010

She’s a bad girl and I love it. I remember many things from our days together as flat mates in Malta. Nights and mornings… she always broke “home” rules


That was the time of Sex on the Beach, singing Umbrella ella ella ehh ehh ehh, eating pizza, vodka shoot 5 Maltese Pounds, and more things…

Mythic picture!!! we got in trouble for this pic… That lady got crazy!!! reading Glamour of course 😉

 I have the best memories from that wild summer in Malta, and I can’t wait to repeat wildness in BCN.  so don’t worry I’ll take where black guys are 😉 Lol just kidding. See you saturday!!!!


Good News***

July 25, 2010

On Monday I had a saturday night plan. We were going to a club with people from my job. Cool!!!

On Wednesday Xavi from my practice tells me about a wonderful party plan at the beach, and I say No ‘cas I already had a “rendez vous”

that afternoon, plan A got cancelled, so on Thursday I was telling Xavi I was going to the beach party

Thursday night I receive a BBM messege from Neni saying she wants to go to La Carpa… guess what!!! I said No ‘cas I already had a “rendez vous”

This morning I call Xavi, and he says he doesn’t have a car so he has to go at 3pm with his friends, can’t wait til I get out of work!!!

So I sent a BBM messege to Neni saying Carpa or Home??? Of ourse she said Carpa. Then, some hours ago, she said “Plan change!!! we’re haging out by Terrassa”… While I was “poker facing” she finally said magical question: D’ u feel like comin’??? I thought Thanx God I have a choise!!! No baby I don’t feel like going anywhere, I’m so tired to get decent to be in public!!! I promised I was going with her to the beach tomorrow, and I can’t wait!!! But tonight I need a break!!!

After that glorious Freedom moment I could chat with Tom on Skype and guess what??? yes!!! He already booked his flight!!! 🙂

BBQ, beach, Mojito, and Julio’s towel

July 23, 2010

Last sunday was a very long day…

First BBQ organized by Miguel & his girlfriend: Thanx guys for great meat & for a great sunday plan

at BBQ we had this:

and later we had this:

RBK RBK RBK and more RBK… She’s such an experience: pure energy!!!!

We also went to the Gay Beach in Barcelona: Mar Bella. Another unforgettable experience, trust me!!! ¬¬ just following Julio’s towel spirit***

Hope to repeat very soon, I had so much fun***

La Paradeta

July 22, 2010

Last night we did a stop at La Paradeta, ‘cas Claire loves sea food, and it was her last night in BCN, so we didn’t have a choise. Anyway I can’t complain at all, dinner was a complete success!!! But we missed octopus!!! (¬¬)

Lovely Claire showing her fav souvenirs from Barcelona***

Bianca tried to make a little girl take us a photo… Then a “dirty fingers” man (no success at all). Anyway, we couldn’t make a pic of our table but it was plenty of seafood, white wine, and best wishes for Claire. After that we went to the Mythical “mojito 3.5€” bar

Right now Claire gotta be getting home. I just can say we will miss u a lot, specially Bianca . But I’m sure you’ll be back 😉

If you seek Claire

July 18, 2010

Last night I didn’t plan to hang out, but it was her last saturday in BCN so I made an effort (also to don’t fall sleep in a Bar again). But she has a flight to come back, and I’m sure she will 😉 party girl***

Best Wishes & I promise we will go to Port Aventura when you come back, right Bianca??? 

 Here Tanned Bianca Ravaling. Then chair momment:

 You could get a free shower if you don’t respect this rule at Raval LoL

At the 3.50€ mojito’s place:

I’m a Single Lady, I’m a Single Lady…

July 14, 2010

I know Beyoncé lyrics are a little different… but should I put my hands up???

Most of you know I’m with Tom… and who doesn’t know it yet, it’s because you hadn’t stayed with me more than 5 minutes (LoL)… Yes I know I talk about him all day long, and the most surprising thing is that I almost don’t see him. But I love and admire him so much that everything he used to do was great. Yes, I used “used” in the past. I’ve just noticed I spend my life by myself, saying everywhere I have a boyfriend, but I really don’t… (I mean not in person). I love Tom, but now he’s in Mexico, and we just chat a couple minutes on BBM… then is when I wonder If I’m used to be a Single Lady, in fact…

I love my Teddy, but I must confess a little intolerance by his trips is growing up in me…

this summer…

July 13, 2010

after many World Cup posts, I would like to recommend you a colour, only to break the ice 😉 …

I found “Le Laque” a month ago, and I had to wait a little to get it VAT free (Andorra)… I found a cheaper version in H&M, but first purchase was already done. I just can say is The Nail Polish this summer, forget red or pink for summer… this risky turquoise Rocks!!!

Most of you (If you know me well) knows I love Mc Donald’s… Well Last week I’ve just found a reason to forget Big Macs, addictive cheese Burguers, afternoon “chicken nuggets” snacks,  starving “Quarter Pounder” momments!!!, even Fake diet “Mc chicken” or tasty salads: YES!!!  This hamburguer calls you to taste it just with the smell. High in calories, but high in taste!!! I’m in love!!! and I hope it never ends… it’s the CALIFORNIA GRILL. Wonderful smell, uncredible meat and bread…

Sorry I just wanted to share some of my favourite things this summer… I know I’ll get some extra kilos, but I also know you’ll love me anyway***

Yes We Could!!! Champions, this is Glory!!!

July 12, 2010

This is one of the happiest and historical post I ever wrotte. I couldn’t writte it earlier ‘cas this weekend I was living in a constant jet-lag and I’m still, but I had to writte it today, when feelings still on my throat.

Last night was Glorious, for Spain, but it also was for football. `Cas we saw EVERYTHING on that final. Total Dirty Game from Holland, and a Total permissive referee. But we saw the Spain that touchs, suffers, and plays how no any other team could on this World Cup. Playing well. Suffering, yes. But that’s another Spanish tradition. Minimum score, Maximum nervious. I promised I was smoking my lungs to death (and I don’t smoke anymore!!!). Even sunburned, I couldn’t stop…

Xabi Alonso getting a souvenir from the final… like I said in a post on facebook: Divine Justice is that Spain wins… thankfuly that happened***

Thanx to Iniesta, who gave Spain the Happiest Momment on its football History!!!!

Glorious Momment: When referee blowed the final whistle. Iker crying!!! and the whole Country, 900 000 km far from Southafrica, screaming… most people doubted it could happen…

Goal was dedicated to Dani Jarque


and the bench:


and Mr. Del Bosque


Thanx to Alex for receiving me on her New home sweet home. For feeding me and taking me back home***

Vila Olimpica

July 11, 2010

This morning (before the match) we went to La Vila Olimpica. The beach in front of the building made for Barcelona Olimpic Games in 1992 (for people don’t know). We had a great time. But I burned my skin to death, ‘cas Kau had Australian Gold cream (without protection), ouch!!! And we didn’t notice `til second hour under the sun…

Partners: Kau and Rebeca



July 10, 2010

This afternoon something very important happened. Many catalans joined together to express their reject to the last Constitutional Court Sentence about the Statute of Autonomy. We had to leave early from work ‘cas it was impossible to walk anywhere. People was coming from everywhere… it was amazing!!!

I don’t like to say many things about politics, but sometimes is inevitable. I understand catalans’s reason and I liked people getting together, feeling the same energy. I have other things in mind too. But probably is not politically correct. But I’ll invite you to read a post from a blog’s friend, that probably would give you an idea of what I think about this…

I don’t want people take me wrong, but I personally think nationalisms never brought anything good. Just wars. I think it’s good to express urself, but I also think people shouldn’t have only one flag.