The Match that broke the quarterfinals curse

Last night was Spain-Paraguay match… I’m sure most of you know the result. Of course I’m happy but I was scared. Spain played bad. First Casillas had to stop a penalty shoot. Xavi Alonso had to fail another penalty shoot… But after that, a great Iniesta creation (Made in Barça)… to Pedro, from Pedro to the post, from the post to David Villa, from him to the post again, and from the post to the net…

And that’s how Villa broke the curse of many World Cups trying to pass quarterfinals… and now for first time in history Spain is going to play a semi-final, against Germany (scared again). But that’s why I love fooball, ‘cas EVERYTHING is POSSIBLE!!! and if we did once in a EuroCup (I mean “win to Germany”), we can do it again…

This pic was taken the afternoon before the Match… that’s wot I call “World Cup Spirit” (Julio’s Olé Olé flip flops by Havaianas)

I’m sorry for some of my friends on facebook that were supporting Argentina and Brasil ‘cas they are southamerican teams and blah blah blah


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