Go Spain Go!!!

Who follows Macchiato from facebook probably knows I’d bet for Spain and Holland to win this World Cup, even before it’s started. After last night I’m impressed with my luck. I completaly won my bet. Now If I have to choose… Spain obviously!!!

My Match

Last night I watched The Match with my waikiki Tona and her friend Marta. After receiving my Cuban souvenir, my new nail polish, four beers, two salads, and 1 bad of fries, GOAL finally came. I’m sorry but I screamed like crazy, huged and kissed everybody… I just loved Carles (Pujol)… and then Pedro almost scored the second. It was a great Match. First time ever in history Spain will play a WC final, and they will win…

My arguments

during this WC I’ve been supporting both teams. First of all ‘cas I’d suffered with them in other World Cups before. That’s because I’m not the kind of person tha follows what everybody does, so since it wasn’t Brazil or Argentina I was fine. My arguments were, Spain has a great team, and they weren’t playing 100% their potential. When they lost against Switzerlad people laughed, but my theory is that big teams always have a bad starting on WCs. Spain is a great team, most of them had already been champions with FC Barcelona (many cups). So they are used to preasure  of winning big matches. So get ready to pay ur debts LoL

What’s going on???

One disappointing thing here is that many people just don’t like when Spain wins, ‘cas they are catalans and blah blah blah. I’m sorry but that’s something I can’t agree ‘cas you guys are missing something that probably you won’t ever get to see again. I would like most of you could live World Cup experience how you’re supposed to: parting and celebrating TOGETHER!!! Thanx God I was watching the match with Marta. She’s catalan but she wishes to become Amercian someday.

Just one more thing!!! We already broke quarterfinals curse on this World Cup, So octopus Paul could say whatever We will break his rules too… This Sunday We will be singing Queen’s soccer hymn: We are the Champion, my friend…


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