this summer…

after many World Cup posts, I would like to recommend you a colour, only to break the ice 😉 …

I found “Le Laque” a month ago, and I had to wait a little to get it VAT free (Andorra)… I found a cheaper version in H&M, but first purchase was already done. I just can say is The Nail Polish this summer, forget red or pink for summer… this risky turquoise Rocks!!!

Most of you (If you know me well) knows I love Mc Donald’s… Well Last week I’ve just found a reason to forget Big Macs, addictive cheese Burguers, afternoon “chicken nuggets” snacks,  starving “Quarter Pounder” momments!!!, even Fake diet “Mc chicken” or tasty salads: YES!!!  This hamburguer calls you to taste it just with the smell. High in calories, but high in taste!!! I’m in love!!! and I hope it never ends… it’s the CALIFORNIA GRILL. Wonderful smell, uncredible meat and bread…

Sorry I just wanted to share some of my favourite things this summer… I know I’ll get some extra kilos, but I also know you’ll love me anyway***


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