I’m a Single Lady, I’m a Single Lady…

I know Beyoncé lyrics are a little different… but should I put my hands up???

Most of you know I’m with Tom… and who doesn’t know it yet, it’s because you hadn’t stayed with me more than 5 minutes (LoL)… Yes I know I talk about him all day long, and the most surprising thing is that I almost don’t see him. But I love and admire him so much that everything he used to do was great. Yes, I used “used” in the past. I’ve just noticed I spend my life by myself, saying everywhere I have a boyfriend, but I really don’t… (I mean not in person). I love Tom, but now he’s in Mexico, and we just chat a couple minutes on BBM… then is when I wonder If I’m used to be a Single Lady, in fact…

I love my Teddy, but I must confess a little intolerance by his trips is growing up in me…


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