Good News***

On Monday I had a saturday night plan. We were going to a club with people from my job. Cool!!!

On Wednesday Xavi from my practice tells me about a wonderful party plan at the beach, and I say No ‘cas I already had a “rendez vous”

that afternoon, plan A got cancelled, so on Thursday I was telling Xavi I was going to the beach party

Thursday night I receive a BBM messege from Neni saying she wants to go to La Carpa… guess what!!! I said No ‘cas I already had a “rendez vous”

This morning I call Xavi, and he says he doesn’t have a car so he has to go at 3pm with his friends, can’t wait til I get out of work!!!

So I sent a BBM messege to Neni saying Carpa or Home??? Of ourse she said Carpa. Then, some hours ago, she said “Plan change!!! we’re haging out by Terrassa”… While I was “poker facing” she finally said magical question: D’ u feel like comin’??? I thought Thanx God I have a choise!!! No baby I don’t feel like going anywhere, I’m so tired to get decent to be in public!!! I promised I was going with her to the beach tomorrow, and I can’t wait!!! But tonight I need a break!!!

After that glorious Freedom moment I could chat with Tom on Skype and guess what??? yes!!! He already booked his flight!!! 🙂


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