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Giving Matadepera a second chance

August 29, 2010

On thrusday night we went to Matadepera Major Party, and It was decent. Last night we went back and it was rough ¬¬ (in a good sense)

Reggae Ska band

And these are images from thrusday:

for people is wondering where Matadepera is… is a town 5 minutes from Terrassa, which is 30 minutes from Barcelona ¬¬ (car standars obviously). Just another Catalan town.

Moral!!!: Quit Water of Valencia

for people don’t know that drink (Agua de Valencia):  is a cocktail made from a base of cava or champagne (wine), orange juice, vodka and gin. That’s a good reason to quit. LoL


Songs we couldn’t sing

August 28, 2010

This is a Karaoke night with guys from class in Madrid… we’d heard very good versions of Barbie Girl, Viva la Vida… and Back Street Boys ¬¬ anyway my classmates and I were on list to sing Hot & Cold (Katie Perry) and Don’t Stop the Music… anyway when It was our turn, karaoke was over… that was so disappointing!!! ‘cas I love singing in public!!! After all Natalia could sign, and we all lived happily ever after 😉


Thank you Julie

August 27, 2010

3 years ago I went to Malta. I had the time of life there. I met many people, and sweet Julie is one of them. We did many things together, and took several pics. After all this LONG time I can see her images… even I look horrible in most of them (‘cas I’m always doing ugly faces, as usual¬¬) I want to share these documents… that show how wild people can get in Malta. Warning!!! just kidding… get there and be worse 😉

Thank you Julie!!!

I swear I didn’t break that!!!

Of course we weren’t even close to this wildness, LoL 😉

is Big Bottle a good translation for botellon???

August 25, 2010

Like I said in a post before I was in Madrid learning english with all these wonderful people… there were a lot, and I didn’t have the opportunity to meet all of them. But that wasn’t obstacle for us to have fun***

 I wish I would had taken more pics there… but I was having so much fun talking about peruvian writters and why I do prefer BCN metro than Madrid’s. Sorry I totally forgot 😦

After Botellon (which was a total success) we went to Huertas… but that wasn’t as fun as I thought ¬¬ I promise I’ll go back!!!


That was the moment when we met some german guys and I tried to speak german (It was very fun, for them ¬¬)

When we were happily going to Cibeles… before getting lost during 2 hours. Yep I think I won’t forget that night 😉


August 25, 2010

This post is to show you everything I’d seen in Sol (apart of these smiley people)…

I’d seen a guy working hard, a painter immortalizing that “sunny” aftenoon in Sol

Sol means crowd to me…

another aftrnoon I saw a Republican group remembering Franco’s regime victims with a silence minute

Like Sanyo or Coke advertisment in Picadilly Circus (London), Sol has Tio Pepe 😉 Brand that I love, and for some reason remind me of Sevilla (that’s another story anyway)

  Finally I could see the F*** bear. Yes I’ve been there twice and I couldn’t see the bear before. I’m blind, but it couldn’t be that small ¬¬ 

Anyway, Sol is where everything start in Madrid, I don’t mean only all spanish roads. A new year, a meeting point… You could find everything in Sol, even a Topshop 😉

Museo del Prado

August 24, 2010

Visit to “El Padro” was one of my dreams… I tried once 2 years ago, but it was closed (monday)… this time I went twice!!! yes I’m an addict!!!

It was pretty hard to take a pic over there, but we did our best anyway (breaking rules, rules LOL)

We can see “The family of Carlos IV”… painting I will never forget ‘cas It was on my University access test

We  also can see the furious guard looking at the camara (oops)


Best part of all was Ren’s Masterplan to take a pic of a Bosco painting. He told Claudia to rise up her arms if she ever see a guard comin’ to us… after 2 seconds she was rising up one arm, after 5 seconds she waving both LOL…

Velazquez and Goya are the “fave” in this Museum…

 Yep, I’d got crazy with ALL paintings:

Masterpiece at the Museum: Family of  Felipe IV or Las Meninas

I really encorage you to visit this Museum: Durero, Goya, el Greco, el Bosco, Rubens, Ribera, Rembrandt, Tiziano, Rafael… I promise it’s one of the best experiences in Madrid. Don’t miss it!!!

Hard Rock Madrid

August 23, 2010

My whole family loves Hard Rock Cafe. It’s not a big deal actually but It’s definitely a good reward after sightseeing Madrid for several HOURS!!!

and my fave: HR Collection Teddys: Spanish Bullfighter

Hard Rock Cafe Madrid

Paseo de la Castellana 2

boiling hot sunday

August 23, 2010

Yesterday I was in Madrid, and I promise you could fry an egg on Gran Via sidewalks!!!

Thank You Gila for everything!!! You and ur cousins were very kind!!!

I Can’t wait to see you in again, hopefully in Barcelona 😉

The Class

August 23, 2010

Last week I was in Madrid learning “more” english with these other dwarves. This morning I was missing everybody quite a lot.  I want you guys know I won’t forget last week!!!: Sara and her 3rd conditional Master; Patricia and her Pe looks ;); Paco… sorry Antonio singing drean, drean, drean; Natalia and her sweet “near mear”, and Alejandro from Lady GaGa song :p

here we were re-writting Rhianna’s hit: “Please turn up the volume” (volume x 3)

 break moment

Righty tightys vs Lefty Loosys. David (teacher) and his jokes about Natalia hunting Ñandu in la Pampa, or Antonio’s uncle Pepe, or Patricia’s Ternasco, Alejandro’s joint friend (Marc) … and “Aki Morita” 

here we were with pretty Loretta from Hong Kong and Australia…

Anyway, I’m sad ‘cas we missed a pic with Julia Roberts, yes Julia Roberts was our teacher too (LoL) 😉

UIMP english course 2010

Colegio Mayor “Ntra. Sra. de Africa” (Madrid)

Happy Birthday *blooming* Tona!!!

August 14, 2010

D’ u remember that day??? It was in Sutton, a million years ago. This is exactly how I see you, smiling, always blooming.

If we go back into another million of years I can see you at Criminal Law Class, and me not really paying you attention.

I don’t know when we started to be so closed, but I love it. I want you to know You are a Super Star for me. And that’s why you deserve everything good that is happening to you (LOVE). And that’s what I wish for you this new year: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and more LOVE

My little girl that knows all songs I love, and sings Britney as well as the real one…

😉 we are the LOVE GENERATION (remember our nights in singing Bob Sinclar) or I’m so Lucky Lucky…