finally… Ramblas

Last night I had a plan, and then everything changed…

Julie was coming to party, and I told everyone to join us. Then she texted me saying she was kinda tired and I cancelled the whole thing. Just when I thought I was gonna spend my saturday night at home (which wasn’t a bad idea at all) Xavi called me to ask me about my plans (he was one of the last “everyone”) so I explained him what was going on, and he finally said they were going to Opium, so I’d got into the Club list, you know to “try” to save some coins LoL. So I told Evelyn we were going to Opium, pls get pretty (not necessary, she already is), and I texted Julie saying where we were planning to go… she just said they would “probably” come.

then Xavi pickd me up, and guess what??? we weren’t going to Opium (damn it! I thought) “We are going to Boulevard” (he said), after my poker face, he explained it was ex Felini… (Great! I could be wearing tennis shoes then, but I’m not)

We did a first stop to pick up Evelyn, who didn’t know we weren’t going to Opium yet. Then to look for a “Paki” to buy cheap vodka and peach juice… After a couple curves, we parked somewhere to listen a car accident anecdote…

Anyway next week we’re going to Opium, and to do something nice before Evelyn leaves. I hope u enjoyed ur first “botellon experience”.

botellon: is a typical way that young spaniards use to spend less money in clubs. Buy a bottle and drink it in the street, in a car, or somewhere but the club 😉


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