Sharing addictions

In a far far away… (just kidding)

Last friday night I had dinner with one of my best friends, we had a “couple” beers, saw her pics of Cuba, checked my blog, specially some posts, and saw her new baby: yes that black Chanel handbag that smells so good, and that she promised to share with me whenever I want 😉 you know, until I can have mine, when I appear on Forbes magazine cover LoL 

Anyway, we had 2 seconds of deep conversation but a couple hours of loud laughs. I promissed her I was going to post about it, and ‘cas I know she will read me: DON’T GET LOST, CALL ME WHEN U’R BACK, AND I LOVE U SO MUCH!!! 

list of thing we have to do together:

– You gotta teach me to drive a car

– We gotta go to the States next summer

– Celebrate ur bday

– You gotta do my hair

Other things I don’t remember, probably ‘cas of beers, but a promise is a promise***


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