Pia’s first Paella experience

Pia said she was going to be brave, so she ordered Paella. 20 minutes later here you have a picture of Pia wondering how to eat “that”… “is this alive?”

Just kidding, not really… I ate all strange animals on her plate (prawns)

We went to dinner somewhere they could taste some typicall spanish meals… it was hard to decide: tapas?? hamburguers??… oh sorry that’s not spanish…

Then somebody mentioned they never tasted Paella. I know Paella isn’t that great at night… but they were leaving next early morning so I took them anyway… finally only Pia was brave enough to taste some spanish sea flavours… It was funny***

Dessert time:

Then is when Pia started enjoying… with Crema Catalana

and When we all started pecking on everybody’s plate 😉

My three chocolate mouse (mmmm….)

Then our last picture:

Girls you gotta try to come back!!! you are missing a lot of things here. It was just GREAT to see my “little” Julie again. You know I love you so much, so If you don’t want me stop loving you PLEASE don’t forget to send me pictures from Malta (3 years later) and from this time. Just kidding, really not LoL Of course I am!!! I love you anyway!!! and see you in Germany. Now that I know where Thuringia is, it will be easier 😉

La BOTIGA: Rambla Catalunya, 27


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