There’s only one word to describe last party night: WILD!!!

Almost every saturday I’m too tired to hang out, and last night wasn’t the exception. The plan was to hang out some guru girls (Ana, Rebecca and me) but then our plans got complicated (Ana had to celebrate a friends birthday) so we joined both plans.

At Rebecca’s flat we’d got our first crisis!!! I forgot my pink top at work so I didn’t have anything that match with my wonderful “SJP” skirt… so we were looking in other options (Rebecca’s clothes was too big  for me, so I was seriously thinking about going home and pick up something to wear). But finally RBK found a shirt in the bottom of her drawer, and saved my night.

After 2 vodkas/pineapple and a short hair-style session we jumped into the metro. That’s when we were already late and the metro had to stop in Paseo de Grácia. So we left behind two young guys to get a cab.

Once in La Vila, we’d got into CDLC VIP zone, oouuhhh so exclusive, and so boring ¬¬

So when the bday group was starting to freak out they left to TITUS in Badalona, which was pretty fun!!!

Guru peeps at CDLC 😉

look at the bird, that pretty bird***


we found a bullfighter called Serafín (I’m sorry I’m not a big fan of bulls, but even bullfights are not very popular in Catalonia, I don’t think I’m gonna see one again, lol)

Night was Great!!! and the indisputable queen last night was her. Thank you sweetheart


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