The Class

Last week I was in Madrid learning “more” english with these other dwarves. This morning I was missing everybody quite a lot.  I want you guys know I won’t forget last week!!!: Sara and her 3rd conditional Master; Patricia and her Pe looks ;); Paco… sorry Antonio singing drean, drean, drean; Natalia and her sweet “near mear”, and Alejandro from Lady GaGa song :p

here we were re-writting Rhianna’s hit: “Please turn up the volume” (volume x 3)

 break moment

Righty tightys vs Lefty Loosys. David (teacher) and his jokes about Natalia hunting Ñandu in la Pampa, or Antonio’s uncle Pepe, or Patricia’s Ternasco, Alejandro’s joint friend (Marc) … and “Aki Morita” 

here we were with pretty Loretta from Hong Kong and Australia…

Anyway, I’m sad ‘cas we missed a pic with Julia Roberts, yes Julia Roberts was our teacher too (LoL) 😉

UIMP english course 2010

Colegio Mayor “Ntra. Sra. de Africa” (Madrid)


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