Museo del Prado

Visit to “El Padro” was one of my dreams… I tried once 2 years ago, but it was closed (monday)… this time I went twice!!! yes I’m an addict!!!

It was pretty hard to take a pic over there, but we did our best anyway (breaking rules, rules LOL)

We can see “The family of Carlos IV”… painting I will never forget ‘cas It was on my University access test

We  also can see the furious guard looking at the camara (oops)


Best part of all was Ren’s Masterplan to take a pic of a Bosco painting. He told Claudia to rise up her arms if she ever see a guard comin’ to us… after 2 seconds she was rising up one arm, after 5 seconds she waving both LOL…

Velazquez and Goya are the “fave” in this Museum…

 Yep, I’d got crazy with ALL paintings:

Masterpiece at the Museum: Family of  Felipe IV or Las Meninas

I really encorage you to visit this Museum: Durero, Goya, el Greco, el Bosco, Rubens, Ribera, Rembrandt, Tiziano, Rafael… I promise it’s one of the best experiences in Madrid. Don’t miss it!!!


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