This post is to show you everything I’d seen in Sol (apart of these smiley people)…

I’d seen a guy working hard, a painter immortalizing that “sunny” aftenoon in Sol

Sol means crowd to me…

another aftrnoon I saw a Republican group remembering Franco’s regime victims with a silence minute

Like Sanyo or Coke advertisment in Picadilly Circus (London), Sol has Tio Pepe 😉 Brand that I love, and for some reason remind me of Sevilla (that’s another story anyway)

  Finally I could see the F*** bear. Yes I’ve been there twice and I couldn’t see the bear before. I’m blind, but it couldn’t be that small ¬¬ 

Anyway, Sol is where everything start in Madrid, I don’t mean only all spanish roads. A new year, a meeting point… You could find everything in Sol, even a Topshop 😉


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    Yours for workwear Discount:

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