Juliette’s 27th bday

Today he gotta be exhausted… last night this little monster celebrated his bday and I could confirm my suspicions: JULIO HAS SO MANY FRIENDS!!! and we all know why: He’s a very thoughtful person… (edible orchids!!!). Ok Seriously, he’s a great mind with a big heart. I just love him and his blog!!! That’s why from blogger to blogger I wanna wish you the Very Best in Life, *Love*, and Work ;). I also would like to thank you for a very nice evening (full of vodka ¬¬).

Personally you are a  person I really enjoy to talk to (specially Britney vs Lady Gaga) so never change!!! and enjoy ur gifts!!! specially that nasty book that my mom would NEVER let me see 😉

Like a bride in India he changed his look 3 times!!!

time for goodbye??¿¿


I had so much fun Julio!!! You have a very nice flat, a very nice boyfriend, and the most stocked bathroom I ever seen in my life. I Loved all… 😉 See you tomorrow *Little Monster*


One Response to “Juliette’s 27th bday”

  1. Julio César Ortega Says:

    Thanks for your review, Erika! I also had a good time with you, and I’m glad to know that you enjoyed it. See ya next time 😉

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