I also had a Britney fantasy ;)

Hello everybody!!! I survived to a General Strike today, and my reward was watch Britney/Brittany Glee’s episode, yeeaahh!!!

I listened Glee’s versions. They are all good, and my very fave is Toxic!!! 

You all know my devotion for Britney, so I enjoyed a lot with this episode… But If I have to be a little critical, I think I would say they were trying to clean up her image A LOT!!! 

However, they said something it’s true!!! She makes you feel Stronger (than yesterday, lol), She’s been an inspiration for a whole generation: BRITNEY IS POP CULTURE!!!

makes you dream… DREAM BIG!!!

Personally I think everybody needs a Britney fantasy, just like Glee’s 😉

it’ll make you feel FREE!!!!


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