My strike

I read this morning in a newspaper a general Strike is an exceptional situation… and I’m so glad it is

don’t take me wrong, I agree with their reasons, actually I think their reasons are my reasons…

I’m just a new graduated, and personally I don’t see any opportunity around… only obtacles or bosses saying they had to spend three years doing practices without receiving any money back… Sorry but I can’t afford that precariousness eigther… I have bills to pay!!!

Yes!!! I’m against all the people that want to take advantage of “cheap payment” students, They just piss me off…

Anyway I think destroying public property isn’t the best way… ‘cas we’re gonna have to pay it anyway…

Personally I didn’t enjoy this strike… first I had to work, but trains were working only minimum services, which means train since 6 til 9am… and I work at 2pm… yes I couldn’t help to poker face my boss when she was telling me I had to come to work :/

Then I went to Barcelona, but finally I didn’t have to work (thank you piquets), and also didn’t have a way to go home :/ (triple murder!!!)   

Yes, today was really stressful for everyone… thanx God General strikes are exceptional, aren’t they?


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