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Waking up in Vegas

October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

I found a song I used to sing last year…  and I’ll be singing in two weeks wooohooo!!!

Shut up and put your money where your mouth is
That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas
Get up and shake the glitter off your clothes now
That’s what you get for waking up in Vegas


lanvin <3 H&M, et moi aussi ;)

October 24, 2010

Some days ago, my bro (a fashion lover) told me about this wonderful collaboration, and looking on internet I found a couple pictures that show part of this (very wanted) collection

 Catwalk will be online in 7 days, and on Oct 23rd the whole collection will be in stores… even I won’t be in Barcelona that day, I’ll make sure to get something ¬¬

Wedding Fair

October 24, 2010

Sunday Sunday Sunday… For me sundays are for relax, but if a friend tells you to go to a wedding fair to pick some information up, you can’t deny urself, can you?

first thing I’d got was this beautiful “fake” chocolate that almost broke my teeth!!! ¬¬

but she was good, and after that dissapointing “bite” she gave me some good stuff for my next holidays 😉

this is sweet Neni with the “pinkiest” (sorry if this word isn’t correct) limousine in Spain

inside Hammer Limousine:

  We saw pink, and we immediately thought in Angi!!! They said it was the only one pink Hammer Limousine in Spain…

Then everybody was trying to get our information, they saw my boy’s look and I think they thought we were “girlfriends”, they started to ask for “our” wedding date ¬¬


 As you can see, there were many transport options for a wedding plan, but there also were travels, planners, hotels, Houses, Caterings, Florists, photographers…

I’d got a little stressed, and I’m not planning in getting married :/ I think I don’t wanna know about it (this year) 😉

Night at Port Olimpic

October 22, 2010

Last night we went to Port Olimpic, or I should say “Guiri-land”… Anyway we were on every club’s guest list, woohoo!!!

First stop: Shoko  ( is this the new catwalk??)

Second stop: Opium Mar (before 1.30 am there’s nobody dancing ¬¬)

Third stop: Catwalk, or Eklectic (They had switched the floors. Now they play black music on the first (0 floor in Spain)… but they gave us some kind of cheap cava ¬¬ heat was high there so we had to leave)

Fourth stop: Opium Mar (a lot better after 1.30 am!!!)

Thanx for Chips sweety 😉

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum

October 17, 2010

This museum is unbelievable. Once you’re there you can feel involved with every style, and that’s exactly what Baroness Thyssen explains at one of the walls: “I admire art ability to move and join human beings”

In this post I would like to show you all works of art that impressed… I couldn’t see them all, but that’s ‘cas I always promise myself to go back…

Brown and Silver by Jackson Pollock

the Cock by Marc Chagall

  Express by Robert Rauschenberg (my fave!!!)


Llubov Popova

Bullfight by Picasso

Telephone Boots by Richard Estes

Drill Machine by Frantisek Kupka

Roy Lichtenstein

Timothy Behrens by Michael Andrews

Amiens Cathedral by Yurij Annenkok

 People’s Flowers by Richard Estes

I really encourage you (again) to visit this museum… it’s not very expensive, and inspiration you can get from there is just Amazing!!!

I gotta admit there were many other masterpieces I will never forget like Monet, Sorolla, Cézanne, Durero, Gauguin, Bacon… etc but I don’t want to post them, ‘cas I want you to visit this Museum… It completaly worths it 😉

Todo o Nada by Mario Testino

October 17, 2010

Todo o Nada by Mr. Testino is the expo you can visit at Thyssen Museum in Madrid… And this week I had some hours to spend getting some inspiration there, not only from Testino… also from Masters like Picasso, Dali, Sorolla… and of course Jackson Pollock, Kandinsky and my fave!!!: Rauschenberg!!!

Of course, like in every museum in the World, pics aren’t permitted… but since my breaking rules spirit comes with me on every trip I could take just one pic: yeahhh!!!  

Anyway, thanx to internet you can enjoy Testino images again, if u hadn’t seen any in Vogue yet 😉

 These are just some of the pictures you can see… but there still many more.

Todo o Nada means Everything or Nothing… as you can see, women photographed by Testino are very well dressed, but little by little they are getting undressed until total nudity. For some people that nudity could be nothing, or everything… Testino thinks that depends on the audience.

5 € full price

3.5 € with Carnet Jove

Pd: I made a new post with the whole collection on my new fashion blog ¬¬

My Country Colours by Teen Vogue

October 11, 2010

This is a photo shoot Teen Vogue did in Cusco. I’m sorry for being so in love with my country!!! I love Cusco and I love nice pics… so I can’t help feeling proud of my Country Colours. That’s why I’m sharing them with you 😉 

Again, I encourage you to visit this wonderful city 😉

Mario’s photo shoot in Cusco

October 10, 2010

Here there’re some pictures from a photo shoot Mario Testino did in Cusco (Peru) for US Vogue magazine in 2008

I post them now, ‘cas I’m really excited about this peruvian artist… I’ll go to Madrid in the following days, and I’ll try my best to visit exposition he has at Thyssen Museum 😉

This photo shoot shows Cusco’s colours… a wonderfull city everybody should visit, it totally worths it…  

Casa Fuster Terrace

October 10, 2010

Casa Fuster is a Hotel in Bcn, a very expensive one!!! and they open their terrace with a bar and a great view of Passeig de Gracia until 1am 

We love BCN***

StQ night life

October 10, 2010

Yes I live in a small town…

we have drinks at same place, go to dance at same place, and listen same songs year after year…

That doesn’t sound very fun but trust me, it is!!!! specially when u do it with ur fave *cutie*

We were planning for more party, even we were “spring dressed”, but flood started and we had to steal an umbrella (sorry ¬¬) to leave the club…

I didn’t bring my camara, and BBs are good for chatting but not for taking pictures (yep, I know we need Iphones), that’s why I don’t have any pic to show you how pretty we were…

bye bye spring 😉